Hi! We’re Alaire and Toben Racicot, wife and husband comic-making duo.
Alaire draws, Toben writes and letters!
Together, we make stuff that we think is pretty cool, and that we hope you think is cool too. 

Alaire Racicot

A dopey bard at heart, Alaire is a Washington-born native with an unhealthy obsession with JRPGs, indie games, and Tomb Raider.

When she's not guzzling down buckets of crinkle cut fries or playing Final Fantasy XIV, Alaire is drawing Crown & Anchor and creating fantasy illustrations; all the while chasing her son Cyrus around the house - usually to ferociously tickle him.

With more Crown & Anchor on the way, Alaire has taken on the pirate's life once again. This time with citrus in her diet, less capsizing, and way more showering.

Toben Racicot

From the prairies of Sasketchewan, a gangly hero is called from the dust.

Er, did I say hero?
I meant nerd.
A really, really big nerd.

Toben is a writer, letterer, gamer, and Dungeon Master working on his PhD in Roleplaying Games & Meaning Making. He loves a good burger, Fire Emblem, and cooking. In his 'downtime' (whatever that means), Frasier is usually on the TV, with a big bowl of popcorn close by.


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