Please read Alaire's Terms of Service before commissioning.

All prices are in USD. Paypal Fees not included. We are willing to negotiate and work with you on projects, just let us know your needs and budget

If you're interested in a commission or have a question about commissions, send us an email (found in the Contact Us tab!)
or check out our Commissions tab at our shop for an instant, accurate quote.


Comic Covers/Pin-Ups

An illustration for your book or comic

$200 - $400
w/ tones + $150 - $250
w/ color + $150 - $300

Comic Pages

Black & White

$250 per page

w/ tones + $150 | w/ color + 300$

(Expect one page to take 3-4 days w/ tones) 

Comic Book Lettering and Production

Send Toben an email for inquiries! 

Equipment Commissions
I can draw you a piece of equipment, and it comes with screen tones! Be it a sword, shield, or giant cheese stick, I can make it happen for your Tabletop Campaign or otherwise!
Staring at $50
w/ color + $40 | w/ tones + $30


Character Bust
A character’s head and shoulders
Starting at $70
w/ tones + $40 | w/ color + $50

Inquire about additional characters!

Character Half Body
From a character’s head to their waist
Starting at $100
w/ tones + $75 | w/ color + $85

Inquire about additional

Character Full Body
A fully drawn character, from their head to their toes!
Starting at $125
w/ tones + $125 | w/ color + $150

Inquire about additional characters! 

Group Portraits

Please inquire! Every group is different! 


Screen Tones
Screen tones (also known as half tones or grey scale) adds just a little more definition to any piece or comic page

$50 - $250
depending on complexity 

From a border, to a vignette, to a town square, to an entire landscape, the cost of backgrounds will depend on complexity.

Simple splash/shape
(b&w or color) $30

Detailed background - $80 - $200
w/ tones + $50 - $200
w/ color + $125 - $300 

A character may come with a sword, pet, or trinket, etc. at no cost. Any additional props will take more time, though they may not be as detailed or unadulterated as Equipment Commissions.

$15 - $50
per additional prop, depending on complexity 



I offer one free round after rough line art, and one free round at color comps (if applicable). After this, I charge for revisions.

Charging for edits depends on the frequency and severity of changes, such as:
• Make changes to already completed/approved work
• Adding components not stated or provided in original agreement
• Changes to the same thing are requested multiple times
• Needing to redo the majority of, if not all of, a comic panel or portion of an illustration
• Additional changes that take up a significant amount of time
$25 - $100 per edit

If you have any questions, please send us a message at (for comics and commissions) or (for lettering and book production)