Our main project we're working on together is Crown & Anchor - a black & white, sci-fantasy post-war swashbuckling adventure.

Here's what it's all about:

"After accidentally acquiring an ancient relic dating back to the creation of the world, political and spiritual forces pressure seven pirates to quickly restore & reshape Aventus before it returns to ruin."

Volume One follows the first half of our crew as they collect various bounties - including that of a clandestine Pirate Lord. When he offers them a counter bounty for an ancient relic, the crew is skeptical, but agrees to the job and reward. Now, as they uncover more information about the supposed "Divine Token”, things start to become more complicated… and deadly.

In Volume Two of Crown & Anchor (now with screen tones™!) we follow Hebb, Mact, and Skitt right after a mysterious being completely obliterates their ship - and they wash up on an island even the Kingdom hasn't dared set foot upon. Upon arriving, they meet the only human resident on the island. They soon discover his dark secret - one dating back to the bloody Second Epoch between man and the elves. With the stranger's terrifying supernatural power unleashed, the crew must find a way to dispel him forever - and quickly - before Aventus is sunk beneath the waves for good.

And somewhere on the other side of the world, a familiar face appears...

Crown & Anchor features themes of overcoming loss, finding family, developing the courage to change, what faith can mean, and toppling structures of corruption.



Book I

Legends No More

Book II

Castaway of Demons

Book III

Monsters & Men